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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 16, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> it is time for 60 minutes live around the world. ththese are the headlines. theresa may feasting -- facing a no-confidence vote today. votey corbyn showing the catastrophic. i will be getting the latest from our correspspondent in london. at least 14 dead in a terror attack. the four militants were killed
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by police. the international criminal a former irish president. prosecutors are saying they will appealal. also, the warehouse businins is booming in b britain as business stockpile produc i in case o ofa no deal brexit. there are mermaids in finland. the details on the way. theresa may faces a
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no-confidence vote today. deal faced the worst dedefeat in british modern history. at this point, it is anyone's guess how it will play out. >> evevery day without this isse being resolved means more uncertainty, bitternrness, and rancor. ofsked members of all sides the housuse to listen to the british people, who want this issue settled. work w with the governrnment too that. >> hundreds have turned out outside parliament in reaction to the vote. here's what some e has to say about how they felt.t. thing is a mess. >> i hope theresa a may carriesn in her position. she is t the person to sorort it ouout.
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who would do better? i do not think jeremy corbyn would do, for certain. > a referendum, ideally. i do not think it will happen. nourse trent is in london. get akely is it to consensus of the house of commons and arare we heading f a secondnd referendum?m? >> it is going to be difficult for theresa mayy to o try and pl together any consensus in parliament. parliament is bitterly divided. tot is what she is seeking do. she is plugging ahead, sayaying she will not give e up on seekig a deal to leaeave the european union. she is holding meeeetings across country.
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perhaps she will head towards a after brexit involving .ree-trade agreement it looks like she will be trying to steer away from a heart exit. the door is theoretically open to a seconond referendum. some say that is m more likely ter r thera may's defeat i in the house of commons. the vote callingng a second referendndum would have to g get througugh parliament. the labour party would have to get on board. jeremy corbyn has been n unwillg to do that. it is no means guaranteed.
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>> let's talk about the theresa maynce vote is facing. word on the street is she is going to survive despite her -- beingg this defeated last night. british pololitics at the moment is extraordinary, more so the view from the outstside. itit looks like theresa a may wl survrvive the vote of confidenc, a day after she was defeated on heher landmark brexixit deal. atat the moment, it seems the conservative party and their allies wilill back the prime mininister, giving them the numbers to beat the vote of no-confidence.
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it doesn't stop the opposition fromom tababling more votes s of no-confidence in the weeks ahead trying to topple her. >> it is not going to renegotiate any deal from the u.k.. >> this is the problem we are facing. there is no majority for anything in parliament. you have theresasa may's a reluctant andt is the o opposition seeking to brig down the goverernment. referendum is an
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alternative e to a no dealal. agree,rliament cannot maybe theyey need to turn the decision back to the people to ask the people what they want. has spokenle barn yea out, saying the risk of a no deal brexit and a chaotic dedeparture for the u.k. has ner been so high. > the risk of no deal has ner seemed so high. our goal is to avoid such a scenario. two remain clearhrheaded. >> jean-n-claude juncker i is ug solidify its position as soon as possible.
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the pro-eu leader hit by two thehs of protests speaks at first town hall meeting to try to turn around mass public anger against him. in this context, they will have to, without any transition .eriod are we going to p put british policy before the interest of europeans? leastst 14 people were killed in a terror attack k at a complex i in nairobi. hundreds of guests were evacuated. at least two groups of people work trapped inside through the night.
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hotel of terror, these are two of the headlines. it describes the horror of the killings in the nation's capital. askingsidents have been how this could have happened again. >> security is up. thehese people get into our country?y? >> security should have been beefed up. the government should have been more vigilant. >> security forces have cordoned p place where the attacksks occurred. isthe security operationon over and all of thee terrorists eleliminated.. over 700 civilians were evacuated toto safety from the
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compound since the start of the attack through the early hours of thihis morning. >> the attack began after 3:00 p.m. on tuesday, when an explosion a and gununfire rang . security footage rececorded the gunman entering the parking lot. police say there were four islamist militants. shots and explosions could be heard throughout the night. thele were trapped in compound for hours. al-shabaab has taken c credit. the group hit t the westgate killing s seven. in 2015, they attacked a university. >> prosecutors have asked judges coast president
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from returning from -- returning to his homeland. wavave oftrial for a postelection violence that left 3000 people dead. he is the first head of state to ststand trial. >> a day after h he was acquittd of crimes against humanity, his future remains uncertain. tuesday, he will walk free after spendnding seven years behind bars because the prosecution failed to prprove their case. prosecutors intend to appeal. release. to oppose the the main concern is he returns to the ivory coast where he remains popular. figure. influential
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>> forgiveness is not some luxury for the ivory coast. it is a necessity for the ivory coast. we have to look at what is ahead of us. >> the acquittal has been deplored by critics. him of launching a campaign of murder, rape, and persecution. >> police have fired tear gas at crowds queueuing for bread in te capital. businesses are shut on this third day of the stay-at-home
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strike to more than double the pricice of fuel. france has banned the sale o ofa controversial weed killer, round up. a chemical that environmentalists belelieve caus cancer. president has signedd a degreeeeo make it easier for people to buy guns. his first step to overturn regulations that have kept civilians from bearing arms. on a a far right platatform. he says this and other changes will help the country dedefend ititself.
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500 hundred or in migrants have crossed into guatemala. donald trump took to twitter to react to the news, trying to use it to demand a wall be built along the southern border of the united s states. moment at the border of guatemala and honduras. a few hundred were allowed to pass while 150 were tururned awy becaususe they lackeked papers. others were e detained while thr docucumentss were e checked aftr they crossed into guatemalan territory. most say poverty and gang violence is forcing them to make the long journey. >> we cannot stand being hungry anymore. we have to leave.
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>> volunteers hahand out food ad drinks. >> i am migrating because my age has become a p problem. disposable.ou are caravans of recent years mark a changed migration across central america. for decades, people trying to reach the united states without being seen at the risk of being kidnapped or killed. now, they travel in numbers, in plain sight, hoping it will keep them site -- hoping it will keep them safe. toald trump has responded tweeting only a wall or steel barrier will keep their country safe. >> let's look at something
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different. a mermaid class. for many girls, this is only for grown-ups. they are teaching adult women swim to create the mermaid tail. they may not be the first place you think of for fairytale swimming, but they say it is better not to swim in salalty seawater a as it m makes your tl floaoat. >> it is easy in summer.r. in the winter, it is not that easy because it is so cold. top stories on france 24. ththeresa may is facing a no-confifidence vote tonigight r the rejection of her brexit deal and parliament.
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jeremy corbyn is calling that vote catastrophic. at least 14 are dead after a terror attack in nairobi. the international criminal court a former president. prosecutors say they will appeal. keeping a close eyee on the brexit situauation. >> we did not see any lasting effectss on thee v value off stg after the landslide defeat of the withthdrawal deal in westminster. what we ended up with was a blip in the value of sterling. recovered quickly that stability is remaining on the
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currrrency. not much great movement. the volumes of trade were quite large. london ftse 100 is trading in the red, down around half a percent. gaiains in parents and franankfurt tradingngeasonay flat. howof the s side deals is britisishness iss -- how busines are prereparing iff there is s o dedeal. thosose who rely on trade have beenen adviseded to prepare fore worst. there are warnings that storage space is running low.
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brexit fallout, business is booming for the u.k. warehouse industry. and for a london-based storagage company.y. >> it is a sellers m market rigt now for the warehouses. a great industry for them to be in. is price of storage relatively cheap, especially versus thehe cost of companies t giving product to the end consumers. >> many y companies that rely on parts or finished goods produced in the eu have begun stockpiling inventory. fear of not having a deal brexit. >> it is a very well foror a large bubusiness to be running workgroupsps and scenarios, butf
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you are a business like one of the ones we support, it is impossible to do without planning. >> businesses are not the only ones stockpiling. >> my medication comes from ireland. i am having trouble getting it already. i have a little stockpile. just enough to take me over six months. >> with less than three months to the brexit deadline, experts have warned of a s shortage of warehoususe space. come back to that storory in a momoment. the french government reportedly preparing to remove carlos cohen -- carlos ghosn. reuters says it has requested a board meeting for sunday to consider candidates to replace him. he has been in cusustody in japn for almostst two months, where h faces financial misconduct
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.harges until now come the french government has supported leaving him in the role of chairman and ceo while he awaited trial. a french government delegation is in tokyo to discuss the future of the alliance between the two cararmakers, , which boh governments have said d is a priority. >> bad news for netflix levers in the united states. they are jumping up their prices by up to 18%. hike at the first price netflix s since 2017. the monthly fee for its plan $12.9.9arom $10.99 to month. users in some latin american countries will also be affected. no change in prices have been announced for other u users arod
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the world. to brexit now, the main story today, which we are discussing how the markets have been reacting. we are joined by jane foley. theere talking about stability and the pound after the vote. what should we interpret by the fact we have not seen dramatic movement in the pound? >> the pound is looking forward. , it was worsegot than t theresa may's or anyone d anticipated, but the market anticipated she would fail to get the support. there are decent pieces of news that came out of last night. t therst relates to no-confidedence vote. there will be e a no-confidence vovote tonight. we heard last night, ththdep
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itluld supportrt theresa may ad is likely her own conservative mps will suppoport her, rarather than risk k a general l electiod hahanding power to jejeremy co's labor party. it seems l likely she will win. that is fairirly significacant. -- that rules out one significant risk foror the poun. the other piece of news that has encoururaged investors is the ft theresesa may did n not resign. had d she resigned,d, it is pose a andld have johnsnson leaders of t the conservative partrty of governmentt t that my have been more likikely to pushs into a hard brexex. is betting a hard brexit is unlikely, despite the fact that legally and
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technically that is the course the economy is heading. a a report t after the votete, brexexit could he delayed to avd a no deal. is that the encouraging sign investors are looking for? >> that is right. i i of the stability you see the pound erer the last 24 hours or since the vote, the level is a a little changed. it is precisely y because investors are betting we would have a delayay rather than a had brexit. andpermrmutations commutations and political outcomes are complex. it boils dowown to the fact that willll it be a hard brexit or won't it be a hahard brexit? a seems the probability of hard brexit is lower than it appeared months ago.
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to -- - they will it be calm by the next political drama that happens? >> if we do not see further indidication there could be a delay, the market might b begino lose its nerve. sterling investors could sell the pound again. we are headed for that hard brexit. we need some degree of legislslation t to push us on course. if brexitn'n't and start date begins to draw closer , that would unnerve investors. seeing how bad things can get for sterling or is it too early to talk about something like that given this newfound optimimism? c consensusus, forecasterers, indepenendent
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researchchers, the consensus has been that we will not see a hard brexit. hard brexitit, it would be a a shock to asset pricices. significant,e a downward impactt on the price of sterling, if there were to be a hard brexit. in termrmsa lot at s stake of the economymy, in terms of rl busineness, employment, investmentnt, as welell as asset prices. >> thank y you very much for speaking with u us. thehank you, stephen, for look at the business news. a bombshell testimony in mexico. of joaquinsociate "el chapo" guzman says he paid a
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$100 million bribe to a former mexican president. the details, coming up.
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brandon: my e experience is so difffferent than a mainlanand chinese, it wouldn't be authentic for me to try to cook food for mainland china because that's not me, and that's not my audience. my audience is san francisco,o, and these cross-cultural exexchanges a are the basis for how food evolves. i feel like whatat we'rere seeig in this next wave of this generation of american cooks is this newfound confidence in valuing our traditions and its impact t on the food d culture in america..


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